The plot on which the temple has been constructed, was part of a large part of land, known as Ester Bang for about 150 years. The land was originally owned by the family of Shri.  Ashtambker. While carrying on agricultural activities, the Ashtambker family had found the statutes of Lord Ganesha , Lord Hanuman and other idols on this plot of land. They built a small temples for Lord Ganesha , Lord Hanumanji and other idols the temples were collectively known as `PrachinSwayambooGanapati Temple’. The temples were under the care and maintenance of the legal heirs of Ashtamker family thereafter.  In the year 1980, CIDCO was appointed as the Planning Authority for Navi Mumbai and the entire land came to be vested in CIDCO. The Ester bang area was reduced to a small plot.  Even after the land came to be vested in CIDCO, the temples continued to exist there, under the care of legal heirs.   Later, the descendants of Ashtambker family shifted out of Panvel and in their absence, no one looked after the temples.  Slowly, the plot was reduced into a dumping yard. Shri. Deshmukh, one of the descendants of Ashtambker family came to the plot and saw the depilated and conditions of the temple. He approached Shri. Rajesh Bansal ,one of the trustee of the temple and requested him to take care of the temple.

Shri. Rajesh Bansal,  along with the managing trustees, among others , started taking care of the temple activities.

Later   Under the guidance of revered Acharyaas the  Sanctorum’s for Lord Ganapathy and Lord Balaji and Goshala were re-developed as a first phase and the Kumbhaabhsiekham  alongwith Asthabandhanam were conducted under the auspicious guidance and in the presence of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji of Andhra Pradesh and Sri  Sri Bramhsri Ganesha Sastrigal of Mumbai and 36 other Vedic scholors.

With benign blessings of the Lord Ganapathi and Lord Balaji and as advised by revered Acharyaas ,the redevelopment of the other sacturms  for the Godess Padmavati, Godess Goda devi , Sita Rama Laxman ,Hanuman and Karyasiddhi Hanuman was done and the Kumbhabhsiekham alongwith Asthabandhanam were completed.

At Present

Presently in the temple complex,  we have 10 staff working, including 4 vedic pundits to take care of day to day rituals. The daily temple  operates from 6.00 am to 11.00 Am and 5.00 Pm to 9.00 Pm starting  with Suprabhatam sevas and closes with Sayanam sevas .Desirous Devotees are presently able to avail Sevas viz Archanas, Abbhisekhas to the Moola Vigrhahas and the Ustava Vigrahas on their Names/Gotra Namams Poojas at a nominal payments. . On all sankasthi days Ganesha Homams and on the special occasions Maha Laksmhi homam, Sudarshan Homams, Srisukta homamas, Dhanvantri homams, Navchandi homam are being performed and Devotees are availing these sevas also in the Gotra namas/Names.The temple also has Goshala in which we have 8 cows.

The temple complex is operated and maintained by Shri Swayambhoo Ganapathi Balaji Seva Sansthan ,which is registered with Dy.Charity commissioner  of Maharashtra ,Raigad vide  no  E 936.